One Piece Business Card Case: Behind the scene December 15 2014, 0 Comments

We just wanted to show some steps to make our One Piece Business Card Case.

1. First, we cut the leather to the pattern, treat the skin side to get a smooth surface,
cut off the edges, and burnish the edges all by our hands.

2. Now, using stitching chisels, we create stitching holes to the leather. 
We use round stitching chisel as opposed to conventional diamond stitching chisel.
Because we feel it gives more strength to tears than sharp edges created by diamond stitching chisels.
It may not make that much difference, but we just feel it's better.

3. Next is hand stitching.
Here is something to note. Our product can't be made with sewing machine.
As you can see, the needle cannot simply pass through from one side to the other
because it hits the other side of the wall due to a pocket shape.
So we use curved needles to do the work. As for the stitching method, we use saddle stitch
to give a maximum strength.

4. When you are done stitching, clean the surface and it's ready to go.