We were at Capsule Show NYC July 24 2014, 0 Comments

capsule show new york 2014

We were at Capsule Show NYC (July 21 & 22nd). Wow, that was such an exciting and great experience! We should've announced this in advance, but it was really a last minutes thing. Joe from US Repo brought us an opportunity to showcase Brújula New York with him, and we took the opportunity. Joe makes really detailed pieces of clothing, some truly original and some inspired by vintage clothing. You can search "US Repo" or "Repo Brand", you'll find some articles about him.

Two days at Capsule show were a blast! Meeting and making some new connections. Learning how other brands present themselves at the show. What we are missing in our product line to lure new buyers who've never heard of us before. The importance of coming back there again. Relationship with the brands in the same market. Now we have to digest what we've learned and solidify our next step. By the way, surprisingly I saw many friends that I've never thought I'd see there. What a happy bonus.

capsule show new york 2014

Getting ready for the exciting two days.


brujula new york, u.s. repo & outerboro at capsule show new york 2014

It's getting there. Need a little final adjustments.


brujula new york handmade leather accessories made in new york usa at capsule show new york 2014

With some props, it's got some vibe now.


u.s. repo, brujula new york, outerboro at capsule show new york 2014

Joe (US Repo) and Christian from Left Field. I have some thermals from Choctaw Ridge and didn't realize Choctaw Ridge is indeed part of Left Field. Christian is a crazy wild guy but has this warmth inside of him and respect for people.


outerboro capsule show new york 2014

Joe's friends, Michael & James from Outerboro talking to a buyer from London. Such a nice and caring guys. Loved hanging out with them. 


capsule show new york 2014

Brands, Brands, Brands! Wish I had more time to browse through all the booths.