Wickett & Craig Tannery Visit November 07 2013, 0 Comments

So we drove 5 hours all the way to Wickett and Craig Tannery in Curwensville, Pennsylvania. Glenn from Wickett and Craig was really nice welcoming us and without hesitation gave us, a small time unknown maker, a tour inside the tannery thoroughly explaining each stage of skin to leather tanning process. What an eye opening experience that was. The tannery was huge like the size of a soccer field (maybe a bit smaller but anyway). There were so many steps with various duration in each stage for a mere skin to become beautiful leather that we all love. Their leather is tanned using tannins from wood so-called vegetable tanning and don't use chemicals, so it is environmentally friendly also. 

The visit made us aware of the long and complicated process of tanning and dyeing, and it sure made us appreciate the leather we get to use more than before.

Our English Bridles are being skived.


Just out of tanning process, still wet.